This is a blog thing I do sometimes. I like sending mean post cards to conservative congress people. Wonkette is the best site on the internet. I enjoy traveling, movies, and imagining dystopian futures. When a family values politician becomes embroiled in a sex scandal an angel gets its wings. If that scandal involves hookers and drugs then the angel will also get a pair of kickass sneakers. Fuck Jason Chaffetz.




  1. missrb21

    Found you through your comment on ‘The Duke’ and was intrested in your art side. I am all for the night stand but the coffee table too is brilliant, your eye for placement is very interesting and unconventional. Just reading about you made me giggle your a funny guy. And you ‘white middle class’ and like underground battle rap love it!

    • devin howard

      Hahaha, thanks, I don’t get to work on furniture as much I’d like, but I do have a few projects in the works right now. My art side keeps me sane I think, even if its only a weekend gig. I looked through some of your stuff, Awesome! I have some friends that are into home made textiles, paper making, book making, and yarn bombing, so in addition to battle rap I am also into woven fabrics and other goods. Thanks for the comment, keep rockin’.

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