Addressing a Diversity of Blog Post Suggestions #3: Rant about Romney’s Hidden Camera Admissions

47%, Mitt, Romney, Election

I’m going to let an awesome Gawker comment explain this one, from user skt.smh:

What dumbasses like Mitt fail to acknowledge, of course, is that 1/4 of the people who don’t owe federal income taxes are elderly people on Social Security, which is non-taxable income. Another 15% is from beneficiaries of the Earned Income Tax Credit and, *gasp*, the child and childcare credits. How dare those people have children and qualify for tax credits?!

And of course, not a single Republican falls into either of these categories. There are no elderly Republicans living off Social Security checks. There are no Republicans with children or who qualify for the EITC. I guess what we can deduce from this is that Republicans are both immortal and sterile. Thanks for the killer scoop, Mitt!

And a bonus from Wonkette user PuckStopsHere:

Oh my God. People think they are entitled to food! Are there no workhouses?

And a second bonus from my coworker Econ John:

What the fuck! My grandma thinks she’s entitled to food?!


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