“8/26/94, My First Year in North Carolina” – A Page from My Fourth Grade Journal

fourth grade writing journal

When I first came to North Carolina I was scared. I had to leave a lot of friends and a nice home. We had to camp because we did not want to stay in a motel. We had to decide a house we were going to by [sic] and get settled. My mom was brought here by a job when her college broke down. At first I hated it but I made friends quikly [sic] like Nick and Dean. But when I went to Grays Chapel I made even more friends. The first summer people got to stay over night! But I still missed my home in West Virginia and this summer my dog died her name was Muffin that made things worse. But now I have a lot of friends aand [sic] I don’t have any more problems. North Carolina is a fun place to be because it is fun. I have eleven acres and a pond. Just a week ago we caught an seventeen inch bass. And on our eleven acres we have thousands of lizards. And some deer come in our field sometimes there is a lot of blackberries wich [sic] we made a few pies. One time we had so many blackberries that it filled up our refrigerator.

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