Tik Tok Slow-Jamming HBO Gallery Girl Celebrity Date Attempt: Allison Williams

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Allison, 你好吗?你喜吃疾驰?你喜欢喝啤酒?And that exhausts my nascent Chinese language skills. I asked: “Do you like chicken wings?” “Do you like beer?” (I also wrote ‘ni hao’, or, ‘how are you?’)

‘How are you’ may seem like a perfunctory greeting, a 3 word linguistic touchstone employed near-unconsciously with the expectation of a positive, just-as-perfunctory answer: ‘Good! How are you?’ In this case though, I’m legitimately curious. Starring in a critical and commercial television success has gotta push ambient levels of exhilaration upwards, regardless of what John Cook has to say.

(side note: I’ve never actually seen an episode of Girls (side note 2: I find the Gawker weekly recaps hilarious. (3rd and final side note: although I’ve never seen an episode of Girls and find John Cook’s editorially packaged diatribes amusing, I don’t have anything against the show, I’m sure it’s great, I just haven’t gotten around to watching it.)))

Where Cook’s brutal sarcasm does become problematic though, is as an indicator for the slow but seemingly unstoppable rise of snark not as a humorous juxtaposition of mainstream news media folly, but as the mainstream news media itself.

Satire performs a vital function: calling out Responsible, Serious people and organizations on their bullshit in an accessible, high-contrast (and thus powerful) way – it’s just that as an end unto itself sarcasm concedes legitimacy in favor of scoring points. Claiming or maintaining a moral or ethical high ground, or holding groups or individuals accountable  is harder to do when the goal becomes dinging irresponsible or hypocritical parties cleverly enough to trend on Twitter.

Anyway, yeah, so there’s all that, 276 preceding words of rambling vacuity. I don’t really have any evidence to back these claims up either, just anecdotal observations and vague, likely inaccurate feelings about the Gawkerization of more professional news media outlets.  but the original purpose was to ask if you’d like to hang out sometime and wash down fried poultry with the liquid amber byproducts of fermented grain slurry.

So if that sounds like fun let me know!




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