A Letter to Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky, postcard, letter, singularity

Dr. Chomsky:

After years of reading your books, articles, editorials, and assorted other works, after hours and hours of watching and listening to your lectures, and interviews, and documentaries I thought it was time to send a letter of thanks, and this is it. Your work has kept me company on many bus, train, plane, and boat rides. Your writing has often served as welcome respite from work, a (probably too often) refuge from the press of academic deadlines. I really, earnestly appreciate your efforts and am continuously (and simultaneously) inspired by your sheer productive capacity. Thank you.

Also: as the Kurzweilian singularity approaches I’d like to request that you upload or port your entire cognitive profile onto some sort of electronic substrate so that, centuries from now, when the solar system is ruled by a cypher/cyberpunk collection of sinister corporations the poor, captured masses can take comfort in the measured, logical, inexhaustible words of one of history’s most badass speakers of truth to power. Either that or make sure anthologies are stored in secure places for future use?

I guess that’s it Dr Chomsky. Thank you again.


Devin Howard


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