Miserable Catwoman Diary Keeping Princess Celebrity Date Attempt: Anne Hathaway

anne hathaway, celebrity, cat woman, princess diaries, batman

Hi Anne,

Please respond to the following questions at your convenience.

Question 1: 50 Shades of Grey, can you explain that?

Question 2: Do you think, “The Wide Sargasso Sea,” is fun to say? I do, I was just wondering.

Question 3: Did Sharon reaallllyyyy deserve to win Drag Race?

Question 4: Do ‘content discovery engines’ contribute anything at all to day to day political discourse? I mean, its just so easy to drop a link into a status field, extract a power-quote, punch enter, and walk off. That way, I can associate myself with the ideas of others without actually having to demonstrate even the most basic understanding of the topics discussed. Its an article, I posted it, and by the associative property of content curation I am smart and more importantly, I am very right.

Or that’s how I imagine the appeal of such behavior functions, I don’t know. I’m sure as hell guilty, and I probably shouldn’t troll facebook so frequently. It contributes to a general atmosphere of reductionist name calling and largely futile information wars. It is intellectually dishonest. And jesus, man, if I have a beer then fire up the news feed it becomes a dumping ground for every anti-conservative sentiment I’ve ever harbored. I could blame the contemporary republican party for leprosy and crop failure if I’ve had a couple Tsingdaos.

Organize? Advocate? Engage in meaningful discussion? Nope, I exercise the democratic rights won by generations of patriotic Americans by pasting URLs and snark.

Question 5: Do you like amateur poetry? Cheap wine? Pepperoni-mushroom pizza? If so, I’m guessing we’d be at least 78% compatible on any arbitrary dating site and, thus, we should go out one night.

Let me know!


Devin Howard



  1. cassiebehle

    You had ME at cheap wine and frozen pizza. It IS frozen, correct? Haha. What are you waiting for, Anne?!

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