Miserable Catwoman Diary Keeping Princess Celebrity Date Attempt: Anne Hathaway

anne hathaway, celebrity, cat woman, princess diaries, batman

Hi Anne,

Please respond to the following questions at your convenience.

Question 1: 50 Shades of Grey, can you explain that?

Question 2: Do you think, “The Wide Sargasso Sea,” is fun to say? I do, I was just wondering.

Question 3: Did Sharon reaallllyyyy deserve to win Drag Race?

Question 4: Do ‘content discovery engines’ contribute anything at all to day to day political discourse? I mean, its just so easy to drop a link into a status field, extract a power-quote, punch enter, and walk off. That way, I can associate myself with the ideas of others without actually having to demonstrate even the most basic understanding of the topics discussed. Its an article, I posted it, and by the associative property of content curation I am smart and more importantly, I am very right.

Or that’s how I imagine the appeal of such behavior functions, I don’t know. I’m sure as hell guilty, and I probably shouldn’t troll facebook so frequently. It contributes to a general atmosphere of reductionist name calling and largely futile information wars. It is intellectually dishonest. And jesus, man, if I have a beer then fire up the news feed it becomes a dumping ground for every anti-conservative sentiment I’ve ever harbored. I could blame the contemporary republican party for leprosy and crop failure if I’ve had a couple Tsingdaos.

Organize? Advocate? Engage in meaningful discussion? Nope, I exercise the democratic rights won by generations of patriotic Americans by pasting URLs and snark.

Question 5: Do you like amateur poetry? Cheap wine? Pepperoni-mushroom pizza? If so, I’m guessing we’d be at least 78% compatible on any arbitrary dating site and, thus, we should go out one night.

Let me know!


Devin Howard



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