What I Love

poetry, nature, birds

A bird, because it's stone cold chillin'. And because it was a result in a google image search for "what i love". Oh, and also because without a thumbnail people are far less likely to click through on shared content.

What I love is honesty

And travel ready Appalachian girls

What I love are Toyota Camry running lights

And long nights on docks, or with Master Chief.

I love laughing about vacations gone awry

Crazy taxi drivers, coastal muck, trying not to die.

I love 1st and 1st, with all its boundless creativity

Along with hummingbirds, grey roof tents, and reverie.

What I love are ping pong games and dead end streets

Where a bunch of troublemakers made their home.

I love storms and rain and soccer games

Rapala lures, rhododendron blooms

Hikes and frozen pizza, billiards, beer, basic lights

And things and stuff and places at times

But people first of all.


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