Nash Bridging, Girl Next Dooring, Jack Bauer Offspring Celebrity Date Attempt: Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert, Nash Bridges, Celebrity, Happy endings

Hey Elisha, the title of this blog entry should speak for itself but if not, want to go on a date?

It would be cool to buy some produce from a community garden and prepare it for dinner. Due (obviously) to the fact that we’ve never met and I don’t really know anything about you I have no idea if you’re into gardening, urban agriculture, or cooking so that idea may sound horrifying. If so, oh well, I’ve already put it out there.

I just thought it might be interesting, what with soaring transportation costs, the volatility of food supply (and the implications of a volatile food supply on social and political stability), the rich history of urban gardeners, and the generally inspiring dichotomy of raising edible things on scraggly patches of dirt scattered throughout otherwise barren, heartless concrete and steel environments.

Plus, small scale urban farms create almost universally positive externalities; larger populations of butterflies within cities being one example, fewer wheezing fatties clogging up the sidewalks being another. Also: strawberries.

I probably shouldn’t make fun of American sufferers of obesity like that, they most likely outnumber me, and what if I end up sucking down rocky road through a wide-mouth straw, pausing only to lick Turtle candy bits that have spilled over the side of my cup one day? But, you know, they signed up for the Baskin Robins and Five Guys infested suburbs lacking any kind of pedestrian or bicycling infrastructure so I find it hard to feel sorry.

Well, I guess that’s it. If you want to hang out and do hippie stuff sometime let me know!




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