A Letter to the Night Sky

Space, letters, orbit, celebrity

ATTN: SpaceX

If and when possible could you please deliver the following letter to the night sky for me? Assuming your Falcon Heavy rocket delivers even half its cost-per-pound claims it should only be about $18.70 to mail my .15 oz postcard into the celestial above. Just think of it as a micro-secondary payload.

Dear Night Sky,

This is Devin Howard, a long-time fan, sci-fi nerd, and general supporter of night-time vistas. I’m living in China right now, in Beijing actually, so about the only two celestial bodies I see regularly are the moon and sun. Particulate smog drowns out everything else behind a sickly gray veil of dust and automobile emissions. I hope things are going well up there in the cold, impersonal, yet hypnotically inviting black. Tell the stars I said hello, and all the planets and moons. It appears that human beings (read: human leadership) have relegated you to a position of importance somewhere between censorship debates and national debt brinkmanship. Maintaining endless war, limiting reproductive rights, denying global warming, and converting the earth’s population into captive consumers and dependents of a globalized corporate oligarchy (not you SpaceX) have become, apparently, more important endeavors. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, if you decide to destroy earth with an asteroid to prevent humans from escaping, virus like, and ruining other parts of the cosmos I’ll completely understand.




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