If you have ever used an earned income tax credit, if you have ever driven on a public road, or flown on a plane, or drank public water, or checked out a library book, or taken advantage of a student loan, or swam in a public pool, or played golf on a municipal golf course, or have worshipped in a tax exempt religious insitution then you are a socialist.

If you have ever sued in court, filed for a patent, been drafted for military service, used hospital services, used the internet, donated to a charity, or earned a degree at a public institution of higher learning, or ridden an elevator safely, or used mass transit, or are in possession of a passport, or typically notice restaurant sanitation grades then you are a socialist.

If your children take EOC tests, if you have ever bought and used postage, if you have ever visited a museum or ridden a subway, if you have ever been camping or set foot in a public park or zoo or national memorial or if you have ever voted on publically subsidized paper or computer screens then you are a socialist.

If you have ever condoned and/or supported US military intervention, in any conflict, ever; if you advocate for the armed enforcement of trading agreements or the protection of shipping lanes; if you have ever supported national, state, or local policies designed to stimulate business through the creative and diversified use of tax incentives, land grants, or other ‘sweeteners’, then you are a socialist.

If you have ever supported the allocation of tax revenue for prisons, paying police officers, hiring fire fighters, paying the salaries of district attorneys, building a stupid wall along the US-Mexico border, or any policies that require public funds to deport immigrants, or ‘tough on crime’ initiatives, or if you have ever accessed televised programming for free – then you are a socialist.

If you have ever read the nutritional content on a food or beverage product, or consulted the safety warnings on child related items, if you have ever, in your life, benefited from a Hurricane, Thunderstorm, or Severe Weather alert, if you have ever dialed 911, if you have ever enjoyed the right to a sick day or maternal leave then you are a socialist.


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