Fabulously Tressed Multilingual Student of International Relations Celebrity Date Attempt: Yaya Dacosta

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Hi Yaya,

So, I just got done riding my folding bike for 2 hours through the industrial-suburban wasteland called northern Beijing and I thought along the way that I would ask you out over the internet, that most personal and human of interactive mediums. Why you? Why after riding through the post-apocalyptic haze of one of the most polluted capitol cities on the planet? I don’t really know, maybe because I recently watched Raphael Saddiq’s ‘Good Man’ music video on Vimeo, a video in which you play an essential narrative role. Maybe because you’re gorgeous, successful, and extraordinarily well educated; none of which, by itself, really means anything. Even taken together those areas of attraction are kind of nonsense. I dislike consigning attraction to criteria as much as I dislike consigning intelligence to criteria. Maybe I’m asking you on a date because the mind and imagination (separate systems in my opinion) tend to wander when confronted with the repetitious sounds of car horns and malfunctioning bike brakes, landing planes and effusive sirens and somewhere in that fog of sensory inputs it made sense to ask out a complete stranger.

Bike rides, long and solitary rides especially, open all kinds of conscious and unconscious neural pathways. Oddly enough, mowing the lawn (push mowing especially) has a similar effect. Both are activities requiring just enough deliberated input, just the bare minimum of active mediation, that one can quickly fall into a state more reminiscent of lucid dreaming than of the dopamine rich biophysiological responses to intense physical activity.

Two rambling paragraphs in and I’ve yet to tell you my name: Devin Howard. My heritage is some combinatorial child of at least 3 distinct cultures: English, Polish, and Slovenian. Polish and Slovenian from my mother’s side, and English on my father’s. I’m not sure if there are any other genetic or ethnic traces, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some Scottish or Irish resided in my DNA. I possess some formal education, have 2 tattoos, I’m a decent trout fisherman, I love coffee and the relatively mild inconveniences of long distance travel, I love cold weather and geographical emptiness.

So anyway, ummmm, I guess what I’m saying somehow at the end of all that is: would you like to get dinner sometime?  To be honest, I’ve been in Beijing for almost 7 months and I haven’t had a decent burger in that entire time. So maybe an American style bar and grill? I know you’re probably insanely busy, but let me know if you wanna hang out sometime. Stay awesome.


Devin Howard


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