Beguiling, Effortlessly Stylish Parisian Nazi Fighter Celebrity Date Attempt: Mélanie Laurent

French Girl, French, Celebrity, dating


Hi, this is Devin Howard. If you don’t know that name then please search “devin howard wordpress” on your computer, whether it be a mac or pc, the internet is fairly nondiscriminatory. So, whatever results you get there should be a picture of me, which actually means little. Who I am, beyond the picture, is a radically benign American person whose skill set and intellectual horizons are comparable to the average Atlantic reader.

Can I speak French? No, unfortunately. I’ve been to Paris, but only for 3 days, which doesn’t exactly do anything for what little cosmopolitan credentials I hold. Do I have some kind of cultural magic trick up my sleeve, a hidden ability to engage at sophisticated length about art and culture and the intersectionality of gender, politics, and economy? Not really. What I do have is a modest request: you, me, and dinner one evening? Yes, that was actually my question,  with its ho hum self deprecatory prologue and all.

Well, thats kind of the end of my pitch, if you want to dine and discuss things and maybe smoke some cigarettes while lamenting the decline of print media or eat organisms born of the ocean while denouncing the exploitative  nature of for-profit education I’m in. Sold completely. Let me know.


Devin Howard


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