Polarizing Atlantian Marriage Skeptic Journalist-Celebrity Date Attempt: Kate Bolick

marriage, kate bolick, celebrity date attempt, the atlantic

Hi Kate,

Nearly 2000 comments on your Atlantic article and a quick search of the internet reveals that the entire spectrum of sex-and-gender commentators, big and small, known and unknown, has been riled into a raging tempest of thundering concurrence, criticism, discussion, accusation, indignation, and combinations of all those. Impressive. Gawker’s Steve Jobs posts didn’t even bring out the online armies so completely. Redstate articles about the NLRB don’t get that much traction.

I’m actually writing to ask if you’d like to go out sometime though, not to pander or wax intellectual about a piece of journalism and self and social exploration, however fascinating that piece may be. I’m not going to provide a list of qualifications or a concise personal history like some kind of cargo manifest or product warranty – there is nothing particularly enthralling about myself or my story.

Would it be an act of ‘downward mobility’ for you to go on a date with me? Haha, yes. It would be a downward basejump, if the highs and lows of desirability are measured with words like ‘income’ and ‘6 + feet tall’.

I do like wind, and cold weather, and dragon flies, and I read a lot. I love Pierogi, and feta cheese. I’m stoked on the trailer for Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’. The thought of having children at a time when the entire world seems ready to slide off into the abyss of economic superdepression or environmental disaster induced unrest is kind of scary. Chide my hyperbole, but there is some truth in that.

So anyway, if you ever read this and want to maybe get lunch or dinner or just drink lattes and troll comment boards one afternoon I’d be down (or, perhaps, discuss how patterns of matrilocality and patrilocality have emerged and evolved in different geographies during different historical periods as part of socio-cultural responses to changing material or political resource demands?).

That’s pretty much all I got, good luck with everything.




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