Native Pittsburghian Julliard Alum Community College Anarchist Celebrity Date Attempt: Gillian Jacobs

Hi Gillian,

I am asking you on a date and to do so, I will use an extended metaphor:

After the defeat of the Empire at the Battle of Endor by the Rebel Alliance the New Republic, which emerged to restore order and justice to the galaxy, and the remnants of the former Galactic Empire continued to fight for years. Although the New Republic eventually emerged triumphant, the fight to permanently defeat the imperial forces was a drawn out affair.

During this protracted time of fighting, an elite group of fighter pilots was formed, Rogue Squadron, to fill the need for a highly versatile special operations group which could do anything from provide convoy escort, intelligence gathering, or infiltration of hostile worlds to disable planetary shields.

Corran Horn, a member of Rogue Squadron, and Mirax Terrik ended up hanging out after the battle to take Vladet, capital of the Rachuk Sector. Horn had disobeyed a direct order from his superior and led an attack against a Lancer Class Frigate which was guarding the imperial base. While Horn’s attack was ultimately successful he was confined to his room as a result of his insubordination.

While there, Mirax Terrik (a civilian pilot) visited bringing some traditional Corellian Rhyscate and they both enjoyed themselves talking about vicissitudes and such.

So, what I’m saying is: let’s eat baked desserts and hang out sometime when neither of us really have pressing responsibilities (responsibilities is here being equated to dismantling an oppressive galactic regime).

What else about this metaphor works? Hm, excellent question. I’m not a fighter pilot, nor a space-fighter pilot, but I do post lots of links about corporate and government malfeasance to my facebook wall so thats going to have to do as far as drawing parallels between Corran Horn and myself go. You aren’t the daughter of a famous smuggler are you? Probably not, but Mirax Terrik was. The internet says you were from Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh was heavily industrialized until shifting patterns of global trade and public-private frameworks led to the decline of American industry, which is vaguely similar to the planet from which the Terriks are from.

So there’s that, which is essentially all I have.

Anyway, I guess that’s it, I’ve heard unsettling things about Community getting yanked and for the record I totally object to that, it’s a great show. Take it easy, stay awesome.





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