Versatile, Time Keeping, Multi-tasking Orange County Resident Celebrity Date Attempt: Olivia Wilde

justin timberlake, In Time, celebrity date

Hi Olivia,

My name is Devin and I think it would fun as hell is we went on a date. Date, a decidedly fluid term open to all kinds of meanings and/or interpretations, here implies: bar, domestic draft, lots of other people, and maybe some late night pizza. So a game night scenario.

There is honestly no reason you should say yes. Seriously. I am a breathtakingly normal guy, I have a lot of student loan related debt obligations, I live in China, I’m 5′ 11”, about as average as average gets. To awkwardly segue into a related but semi-random topic however, what defines successful or socially renowned? Political office? A Nobel Prize? Or maybe a Sakharov Prize for human freedom?  How about teacher of the year at your high school? What if you work for 35 years at the same company and are rewarded with a pension? Maybe artistic prizes like Oscars and Grammys or professional awards like Peabodies and Pulitzers? The auto worker example is probably one of the most impressive.

My point here is not to question the value of effort or striving, my point is only, and simply, to question our (‘our’ meaning an innately human thing) seeming desire to quantify success by accomplishment and accolade. I think, maybe, perchance, that I should honor the detroit auto worker who stayed through the tough times, who took a wage cut, and sweated his or her way through almost four decades of labor before the award winner, before the theoretician and especially before the economist who made it so hard for that same worker.

I don’t know, I’m not a negative nancy all the time. I don’t just lament post-industrialization and economic disparity when I go out. I am multi-faceted! Or, I am well versed in contemporary culture in addition to municipal level policy issues or educational attainment measured across ethnicity. I am a dork, but proud. Oh, btw, loved In Time. One of my favorite films this year so far. I know you were only featured briefly, but still, awesome.

Anyway, I guess that’s it, let me know if you wanna cheer on some college colors at a refreshingly loud bar sometime.


Devin Howard


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