Gawking, New Media Snark-Artist Celebrity Date Attempt: Maureen O’Connor

Hi Maureen! This is Devin Howard. First, I really enjoy your writing on Gawker, its wit and satirical punch is always something I look forward to. Second, would you like to get dinner sometime?

Is this an appropriate forum to ask that question? Probably not. Is there an appropriate forum for a near totally anonymous individual to ask out a person who maintains a very public identity? Even less likely. But hey, your writing is awesome and you seem pretty cool so I’m asking anyway. I think we might have to do this sometime soon though, I’m in China right now and probably won’t be back in the states for at least a year, maybe longer, and by that time the US will probably be on the descent into a vicious, fratricidal civil war in which all of the intelligent design states will fight the heathen coastal peoples.

So sometime within the next two years we’ll say.

Why would you have any reason to go on a date with me? Umm, I don’t know, possibly because I’m like a ruggedly handsome astronaut cowboy scholar? Ok, thats a little exaggerated, I’m actually a pretty average dude. But why not? Lets get food. I guess thats it, let me know, stay awesome, keep up the hilariously informative journalism/banter/wordsmithing.




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