5 Rants, the Fifth: Greensboro, NC Needs, Demands, Shall Have Another Pinups or the Rivers Will Run Red With Blood

Greensboro, NC, Pinups, bar

Pinups was once a place, a fun place, a quasi-secret place where douchebags were few in number. That is, it was all those things until it was cruelly ripped away from all those in Greensboro who struggled to find a bar free from the infestations of Top 40 banality and steroid addiction. Yes, Pinups was unjustly, prematurely shuttered, a result of petty bureaucracy and disagreeable landlords. My friends, this injustice shall not stand. Pinups will rise again and once more open its doors to those of us who just don’t give a fuck, who are laid back, who like to drink and verbally joust with Mary Wilkie, and pick awesome music videos off of youtube for all the bar to enjoy.

Yes, it will be back, stronger and awesomer than ever or a demon zombie army shall be called forth and the rivers will run red with the blood of innocents. Plagues and apocalypse shall descend upon the earth if the good and former patrons of Pinups Bar are not sated with a new establishment. Where else can free music shows be had, where else can you get nice, cold, sensibly priced PBR without having to discuss the pros of cons of The Cure while chain smoking parliaments? (Although you would’ve been welcome to do all those things if you so chose). No where! Thats where. Nowhere else could you lounge around in a pest animal infested alley on furniture and bomb round after round of obscenely cheap chocolate tequila shots. Oh, you don’t like chocolate tequila? Who cares! It was so cheap you would’ve drank it anyway, I promise.

Come on Greensboro, NC, give Pinups a new spot, give Mike a new aetheistic podium, give College Hill its cooler, younger brother back, give back the high school basement feel and the christmas lights and the near absence of rules and regulations, or the hellspawn will be released and the meandering waterways of your quiet city shall run a crimson hue.


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