So, here is the first video taped set of responses to questions asked on this blog. I gotta say, it is a humbling, cringe-worthy experience to both hear and see yourself on videotape. Kinda rough. I’m posting this anyway, regardless of how embarrassing it is, at least its helping me learn Adobe Premier.



  1. John James Kaiser

    Excellent stuff. Whoever asked you those questions must have been some sort of pop culture genius with a diabolical mind bent on world domination.

    I also agree with your noise pollution comment. Also, I agree with your comment on pie. I like your pie, Doritos, Mountain Dew Code Red combo, but it is lacking one essential food group– bacon! Otherwise it sounds like quality nutritional intake to me.

    • devin howard

      lol, it could’ve used some bacon, definitely. And yeah, if you’re a hippy, you should be aware of things like light and noise pollution, totally unacceptable to be screaming in a fragile, natural environment.

  2. devin howard

    I love Cheetos, and I love Jalapeno flavored junk food, so I’m gonna have to agree with you here although I haven’t had the privelege of experiencing this amazing sounding snack yet.

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