Questions: Experimental Format

Ok, so, I’ve encouraged people to ask questions of me before, as a way to kind of synthesize this platform with formspring, so I am going to add some ‘dimensionality’ to this, or whatever other buzzword is appropriate at this point in time. I am going to answer all questions with a video response. So, if you’d like to ask me something, ask away, and I will answer whatever is asked on video and post my response. Am I assuming here that I am a person of enough note to warrant this kind of post, that I am interesting or inventive or famous enough to be worthy of public interrogation? Yes, but I can’t help coming across that way so I just have to look like a douchebag in this case.



  1. John James Kaiser

    1. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? (A good warm-up question)

    2. If a hippy gets eaten by a bear in the forest and no one else is around to hear him scream, does he make a sound? (An existential question)

    3. Why bother memorizing pi to the 1,000th digit, when one can just enjoy eating a nice pie? (This question gets to the heart of the dilemma in life between intellectual and hedonistic pursuits)

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