Muse-like, Ra Ra Rioting, Indie Rocker Cellist Celebrity Date Attempt: Alexandra Lawn

Ra Ra Riot, Cello, celebrity


Cello! (could NOT resist that one) You and I should go on a date sometime.

‘I’ being one Devin Howard, born: Pasadena, California. Likes: cheap wine, indie-classical-baroque fusion music, the vimeo HD channel, lightning bugs, lone-hero action movies, and Kraft 3-cheese shells. Accomplishments: sniper spree in Halo: Reach, filling every original page of an American passport, cooked salmon for the first time a couple weeks ago and it turned out ok. Hopes and dreams: pay off student loans, be a Comment of the Day recipient on Gawker, pay off credit cards, learn to dance, play golf in the sea of tranquility on the lunar surface, successfully lead the resistance against machines during the approaching Human/Robot war.

And ‘you’ being, well, you. The talented, widely admired cello player of Ra Ra Riot whose captivating performances and striking physical appearance has left many the plaid and skinny jean adorned urban sophisticate in speechless admiration. And lots of other people I’m sure.

I know you just released an album and will be on tour and traveling and doing all kinds of fun, exciting things that noted musical performers do but if you ever want to grab some food or play frisbee golf or hit up a climbing wall or see a movie or something just let me know.

I really wish I could play an instrument like that by the way. Seriously. I imagine it is similar to learning another language, equipping an individual with the tools not just for utilitarian communication, but a whole different manner of seeing, hearing, or experiencing the world. I can play the first three measures of jingle bells on the piano, right hand only. Thats it, and sad, I know.

Anyway, stay awesome, keep making music.




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