Neon Clad, Super-Soaker Wielding Hyper Crush Diva Celebrity Date Attempt: Holly Valentine

Hyper Crush, The Arcade, Celebrity


Nominally, this letter is to ask if you’d like to go on a date: food and activities and small talk which serves no real functional purpose other than exploring possibilities for deeper conversational engagement, that kind of thing.

I was also thinking though, while I was typing, that as many famous people as I’ve asked out on this blog it looks a lot like I’m content farming; it could appear to an outside observer that I am trying to generate traffic on my blog by including names and pictures that are high frequency search terms.

But that is not the case! I barely get an average of 40 hits a day, which has enriched me in absolutely no way financially. I may have actually netted less than 0 dollars maintaining likethehours if opportunity cost for the time I’ve spent frivolously typing away is taken into consideration.

So if you aren’t busy playing contra or having super soaker fights or ghosting the Marble Hill stage in Sonic the Hedgehog or being awesome in general and you’d like to grab some dinner let me know.

Oh, also, love the music, it’s rad as hell.




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