Self-Indulgent Photo of Me Doing Something Awesome

Hey look! There I am! Skydiving. Call me billy-badass. Well, ok, so I’m skydiving tandem, meaning I’m tethered to an instructor with four carabiners that could each hold up a car. Oh, my instructor? I think he was on his 15 thousandth jump and was a former skydiving world champion, whatever that means. So maybe not billy-badass, but I did jump out of a plane from 13 thousand feet.



  1. cassiebehle

    Sweetness! My mom raffled herself off to win a free skydiving session, and I don’t know that I’d ever have the guts to do it, myself, but it does look exhilerating!

    • devin howard

      Haha, thats awesome, did she end up going? I’ve been twice, the one pictured was in february and brutally cold, I recommend going during the summer. It you can make it up in the plane youre pretty much going no matter what, jumping tandem like that, those instructors basically push you out and do everything on the way down. How are things with you? Seems like the ol’ socialized media platforms have been a bit quiet.

  2. cassiebehle

    If she gets picked out of the raffle, she will! Things have been great – just SO busy! Three jobs, a new relationship and being in an upcoming wedding coming up do not leave me much time for personal writing – which I miss so much! Hoping to get back into it this week, but we’ll see. Hope all is well with you – are you still enjoying China??

    • devin howard

      well, that sounds like a whole bunch of awesomeness in general, albeit busy awesomeness. Great to hear though, seriously. I am still being a laggard about trying to write, just pecking away ridiculous things on my personal blog, although my teaching job in Beijing is getting ready to start in a couple weeks so that will fill my time with something besides the internet.

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