Lunch: A Handful of Smelt

A handful of dried smelt I had for lunch in Sheung Shui near the border with Shenzhen, China. This was actually fairly tame, there were all kinds of dried seafoods, ranging from mollusks like mussels, clams, and scallops; to sea horses; to octopi and squid; to a selection of Cnidarians like jellyfish, anemone; and other things that were a complete mystery.



  1. devin howard

    Hahaha, but they were sooo good and bitter and oily……and crunchy. Ok, maybe they weren’t the greatest things I’ve eaten, but I’ve had worse fare, I’m thinking specifically: rib-a-que from the middle school caf, Souse (some kind of disgusting, semi-translucent sausage produced in NC), and tripe.

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