Ninja Terrorist Vampire Hunter Badass Celebrity Date Attempt: Maggie Q

Hey Maggie, lets say there was this guy with a broad, honest smile, monk like patience, an unquenchable thirst for adventure, a personal fortune earned as a doctor astronaut, and the ability to fly and that this guy wants to take you out to dinner at a contemporary eatery with all the cultural fusion and technical flare of prime time gourmand programming?

Well, I’m not that guy, I’m not even sure he exists and if he did he would probably save children and discover treasure and play par golf and know how to sail, but if you want we can go get some dinner and maybe catch a movie.

Or a Judo class?

You seem like kind of a badass, judging by the roles you’ve played, so maybe hand to hand combat would be more fun than the ol’ hum drum, pedestrian, traditionalized ‘food then theater’ route. I don’t want to be prescriptive though, you pick what we do and I’m there. Orchestrate a brilliant criminal plot? (that goddamn John McClane ruins everything for techno-mercenaries) Sure, let’s do it, done. Fight vampires? Yep, I’ve seen Priest, I’ve seen 30 Days of Night, I’ve seen Interview with a Vampire and all of the Blade movies (thats kind of embarrassing, I know), I know how that works.

A date it is. Just let me know what time works for you and we’ll do something. Something fun, exciting, and awesome. Good luck with everything, keep rockin’.

Oh yeah, my name is Devin Howard, forgot about that. I believe in objective reality but don’t believe its relevant as we’re all trapped within a subjective framework, I question the assumed truth of free will, I find solace in the wintery gauze of stars and night, and am currently on an Andrew J. Bacevich kick.




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