Epic Quotes

‎”Let’s light this fire one more time.” – Commander Christopher Ferguson, just before Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off on its final flight

“Take a deep breath. Enjoy a little time here with your families again. But we’ve got a lot of work to do. We’ve got another program that we’ve got to get under way. We know what we’re doing. We know how to get there. We’ve just got to convince everybody else that we know what we’re doing.” – NASA Administrator Charles Bolden speaking  about the future of the American space program after Atlantis had reached orbit.



  1. totaltransformation

    When are we frackin’ going to set our sites on a Mars landing? I want the next president to make that a priority! Maybe it can do for our society what the moon landing did for 1960s/70s America?

    • devin howard

      John! Might i start getting some awesomely witty and sarcastic comments on my blog now? I’m behind a Mars mission 100%, just borrow a hundred billion from defense and lets go, seriously. Really, the only thing missing is broad public support. We have the technical skills, the resources, and people willing to do it, we just need the political will.

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