Leftist, Revolutionary, Leader of the Chilean Student Protest Movement, Unconventional Celebrity Date Attempt: Camila Vallejo


I know you are currently engaged in an ongoing protest battle with the Chilean national government, but I wanted to ask if you’d like to get dinner sometime.

My name is Devin Howard, I’m American, which you can probably tell because I’m writing in English, which is the only language I know. That fact is a perpetual source of embarrassment to me, it really is, and a semi-indictment of the place foreign language occupies in the American educational system from primary school through undergraduate study.

I really just blame myself though.

So, you are leading something akin to a student revolution; have taken the helm of a protest movement demanding educational access guaranteed by the UN, international treaty, and by countless human rights advocates; and you studied architecture?

I dislike none of that, literally; every detail in that succinct biography is awesome. Maybe you could help start a student revolution here in the states? Please? We’re drowning under the weight of a commercialized and privatized student debt industry.

You are incredibly busy, and clearly dedicated, that’s fairly obvious; if, however, you are ever in the US and would like to get some coffee, or tea, or discuss the Chomskyian propaganda model while comparing thoughts on the relationship between supranational global influences like corporate giants, pollution, or the internet to local political and socio-economic processes just let me know.

I mean, once the movement achieves victory and you have some free time to visit the US of course. Anyway, I guess that’s it, good luck with everything, seriously.





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