Wildly Futuristic, Proto-spacefaring, LEO, New Mexican Spaceporting Dream Job: Virgin Galactic

This is the first entry in a new series: Dream Jobs. Similar in many ways to my celebrity date attempts (serialized, overly descriptive titling, quasi-formal, earnest), I’m basically going to write cover letters and send them to companies with some combination of progressive policy, futuristic products and services, or general awesomeness that would seem to offer an incredibly exciting working environment.

For each of these entries I’m actually going to send a resume and personal statement to the human resources department of the respective organization; maybe I’ll have better luck than my continuing efforts to go on dates with famous people.

And the first one:

ATTN: Human Resources, The Spaceship Company

Hi, my name is Devin Howard, Hopefully all of you in the hiring, or staffing, or recruitment, retention, and new employee management departments are having a lovely day. I’m not sure where the human resource offices for Virgin Galactic are located but if they are somewhere arid I’d bet that watching sunlight crawl across a scrub dotted desert floor in the early mornings through energy efficient, triple-paned, tritium infused plate glass is a thing of beauty.

I’d like to be considered for employment. Listed on the ‘careers’ page of the Virgin Galactic website are 4 positions currently available . I am qualified for none of the them by training or education. Instead, I was wondering if you could create a position for me, or, at the very least, keep me in mind when additional positions become available or are created. I know that sounds ridiculous, presumptuous, delusional even, but considering my educational and experiential background within the context of your enterprise I have to ask, because it’s the only real chance I have to participate in what I believe will be a groundbreaking endeavor that returns space exploration to the collective human imagination where it rightly belongs.

Belief is what I offer Virgin Galactic. Belief in a human future in space, belief in the importance of crewed space flight to that future; belief that a fledgling space industry is not some frivolous adventure for the bored and glory-seeking wealthy classes but the beginning of a far grander expedition beyond this fragile, terraqueous speck of dust and out into the Solar System. What stands between human beings and extraterrestrial diaspora is not technology, we have it, we’ve been to the moon; it’s not a lack of information, of available resources, or in any way of ability. No, what has barred our path beyond this planet is public disenchantment.

People must rediscover space as an exciting possibility and they must believe that human beings can and should be explore beyond this planet. I am of the belief that Virgin Galactic can and will become a central participant in the struggle to overcome common apathy regarding space related developments. That is why I want to be a part of this team; that is why I will make serious contributions, because I believe in the product, the purpose, and the philosophy underlying the company.

I understand the industry, am fluent in the discourse of an emerging space tourism sector, am creative, patient, a ferociously hard worker, and I’d like a chance to help.



Devin Howard


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