The Costs of War

There ya go. Browse for a moment through the report available at the link above. The US lost 5,000 people in 9/11. The two wars initiated in its name have cost some 225,000 civilian lives, 3-4.4 trillion dollars, and over 5,000 American service members. That doesn’t include two countries, Iraq and Afghanistan, left in tatters, an emboldened Iran, and an entire region destabilized. I seem to remember some of the debates that were going on as the country prepared for war, most of them went something like, “anti-war = anti-troop and anti-freedom.” Well, no actually, I’m pro troop, and freedom. I just prefer our troops alive, whole, and uninjured and that a justifiable reason exists for placing soldiers in combat situations. Not only that, but Bush and Cheney, the war criminals that they are, wanted to initiate hostilities with Iran. Throw those assholes in jail, somebody? Anyone? Sweden? And now President Obama, my liberal messiah, is spending some 1 billion dollars a week bombing Libya to pieces. Get out of Libya! Jesus Christ! Has the preceding decade of utter disaster taught the citizens and leaders of our country anything? Thats an emphatic no, so I’m gonna rant ineffectually on a blog about it, because clearly not even fundamental, easily observable truths about the consequences of nonchalantly warring against people all over the goddamn earth is proof enough to abstain.


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