Dragon Gate Gorge

A sunday hike through Dragon Gate Gorge, a couple hours southwest of Beijing.



  1. cassiebehle

    Nebraska has some small hills. Truly comparable to Dragon Gate Gorge, if you really stop to think about it. Foothills, we call them…

    …Good Lord, I need to move. (Beautiful pics, btw!)

  2. devin howard

    Thanks! It was a really beautiful area. Usually, in Beijing and in surrounding areas up to 3 hours away, the smog is so bad that you can’t even really see the the sun. Prior to this hike it rained for two days and cleaned up the air so it really was gorgeous.

    About moving: just go! (as if it were that easy, the only reason my escape to China was possible was because my girlfriend was already here, its a huge advantage I must admit) But just go! Haha.

  3. cassiebehle

    Oh, I bet!

    If only one could pay for bus or air fare with wishes and dreams. I’ve also got a large quantity of hopes saved up, but those have more sentimental value than monetary.

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