Roving, Eclectically Historied SNL and Everything Else Comedy Genius Celebrity Date Attempt: Kristen Wiig

SNL, McGruber, Bridesmaids, Wiig

Hi Kristen,

My name is Devin Howard and I’m going to be honest here, I think it would awesome if we could get lunch or dinner sometime. Sure, I live 7000 miles away in Beijing right now and literally couldn’t pay my way back unless I booked passage on a cargo freighter. Thats only temporary though, I’ll be back in the states at some point, then we could get bagels or fruit smoothies or something and talk about the landmark passage of gay marriage in New York. Or how awful the 7 train is, don’t New Yorkers hate that train for some reason?

I say, in July or August of 2012, when I might actually be in the states for a visit, we hit up a cafe, buy a bottle of house merlot, and spend the afternoon trading stories about the vicissitudes of life.

I’m sold.

Here are a few things I enjoy to give you a better idea of my personality: reading Noam Chomsky’s socio-political writings, taking shots that are half house tequila and half house gin, collecting books about environmental history and space exploration, HALO: Reach (HALO 2 will always be the best though), recreational drug use – just kidding!, backflips, and techno-dytopian media of all kinds.

I guess thats it, let me know if you’d like to hang out some time! Good luck with the 10,000 or so projects you always, and amazingly, seem to be working on at once. Paying a couple bills online the other day was intellectually exhausting for me so I honestly have no idea how you manage a schedule like that. Ok, done, no more rambling. Keep rockin’.


Devin Howard


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