Don’t Rush, Ever

Please don’t. It won’t matter. You can smoke through 8 million reports, lines of code, bags of groceries, sales, and you will be no more rich, happy, or satisfied than you were before. Or maybe you will, but only for a moment, a meaningless second. I’m not a mystic new-age hippie, but I want you to know that the future does not exist, it hasn’t happened yet so therefore it literally doesn’t exist, and while what you do today, or what you did as a four year old affects the future because we live in a deterministic universe, there is never going to be a way for you to tell what future your actions guarantee. Unless you believe in statistical arbitration or a free market (and I don’t), so I don’t believe the future can be told.

What I am saying is this: enjoy your friends, and don’t sacrifice things that you enjoy for a job, ever, unless that job is actually what you enjoy. If you are missing family or friends for something that you don’t actually have fun doing then its a wasted effort, it does as much damage as it helps.

Few people will believe anything I just said, but, those of you reading, few of you will ever try what i just suggested, so you’re never going to actually know. This is a conceptual post, with few supporting arguments or facts, but what it really attempts to address is happiness, and financial security hardly necessitates a happy life. Its a little bit depressing that that is almost our only metric left for assigning success or happiness, financial standing.

Anyway, thats it, enough rambling.


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