Yard Sale

I just posted this on craigslist. I thought the ad was unconventional, plus I wanted to hock my new orange honey comb gaudiness on the blog because I really like the way it turned out:

Two rocking awesome tables with painted graphic features. Truly one of a kind, or two of one of a kind, whichever. Just hit me up, 336-953-6681 or email this post and make me an offer. Or if you like what you see and want something similar let me know and I will make it for you, which will be a bit more costly but we can work it out, oh yes, we can work it out. (I’ve suggested 40 dollars but that is only for suggestion’s sake, please feel free to offer anything you want and maybe I’ll accept)

So if you live near randleman or don’t mind paying exorbitant freight charges and want some tables, or would like some wooden furniture decorated with kick-ass graphics let me know.



  1. cassiebehle

    Can you make a table with a painted graphic of two men riding naked on the back of a unicorn? Because, uh, someone wants me to paint that for them, but I seem to be having some reservations.

    Hmmm…stipulations? Maybe not a dining table, for various reasons. Ok. Go.

    • devin howard

      Oh yeah, sure, I can do that. Just tell your, uhhh, friend…..that wanting two naked men straddling a unicorn and riding off into the sunset or whatever is totally normal, as would two naked frolicking man elves, two merry naked middle-earthlings, or really any two naked happy-skippy-merry beings of any sort. Would you like color or is black outline on wood ok?

  2. Cassie Behle

    I get the distinct feeling you think this is for me… In answer to your question, I’ll have to ask my, ahem… friend, cough cough, but I’m assuming she’ll, I mean, he’ll want bright, spritely colors.

    …Well, this is getting weird.

    • devin howard

      lol, a tad weird, you’re right. More seriously though, you like the orange table? What do you think about adding some turquoise fill to a few of the cells?

  3. Cassie Behle

    I think that color combo would look great! You thinking a deep turquoise? You might consider adding another cell to the side of the table on each side, too. Might add a lil somethin.

    Man, I wish I was still in college so I could get away with a Husker beer bong table…

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