A Musical Guide to Days of the Week Interpreted and/or Described as the Normative or Stereotypical Emotion Associated with Each Day: No. 5, Friday

Friday: Today fliiiiies by, until 4 pm. The hour remaining, the one between 4pm and 5pm, seems to take as long as all other hours of this day combined. And then – bang! you’re off for two-and-half-basically days to do whatever the hell it is you want to do. Release the dogs of war and make a mess of the next two nights……Or do whatever it is you do on the weekends. You might even work a second job considering the stunted, moribund invalid the American economy has become. So Friday is a bi-polar day, full of conflicting emotions, the loud and joyous arguments of uninhibited freedom on one hand and the sober, rational logic of economic necessity, errands, and other badgering responsibilities on the other.

Song: The Lucky Ones, performed by Tim Meyers. Volume: just loud enough to hum along too and get too distracted by its syrupy sweetness. Time and Circumstance: morning, on the way to work, school, or other.

Is this song sickeningly sweet and optimistic and cheerful? Yes, but as a happy-go-lucky tune it fits the opening hours of any Friday, a day of held breath and break-away anticipation, quite well.

Song: Stormy High, performed by Black Mountain. Volume: operatic. Time and Circumstance: 5:03pm,

You are conducting a dark, furious, metalocalypse in your car, from a metaphorical perch above the world you are about to rain celebratory destruction upon. Or at least thats the feeling on the drive, ride, or walk home after Friday obligations.

Song: The Final Countdown, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Volume: you are the conductor, and therefore you decide. Time and Circumstance: between 7:00 – 8:00pm, played while getting ready for whatever it is that’s about to happen.

A nice epic backdrop written by Europe, a little known group you may or may not have heard of. A fantastic way to wash away the dreariness of the day and week in a tidal wave of aural good cheer. Make a joyous noise.

Song: You’re So Damn Hot, performed by Ok Go. Volume: loud, but ambient. Time and Circumstance: 12:10am,

You’ve had a few pints, a proper drink (read: something with hard spirits), and a shot or two. Its time to mingle, and the playful lilting jangle of this song is balanced perfectly between its irresistible hook, hipster rhythm, and art-imitating-life truthiness. Its just a fun song and the fun is getting into full swing.

Song: God’s Gonna Cut You Down, performed by Johnny Cash. Volume: loud enough to play in the back of your mind as you ride, slumped and bleary eyed, in a taxi back to your place at 4am. Time and Circumstance: I think you know the circumstance, its somewhere between closing time and nautical dawn.

Swim up through that ocean of vile house liquor and 2.50 imports, keep swimming, upward, past the tequila shots, past the jager and the gin martinis, yes, past all that, back in time through the dancing and the laughing, the conversations and shouts and grins. Its time to pay for all the fun you had, but first, before the sun works its way past your eyes and into your throbbing brain, you sleep.


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