An Open Letter to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

Governor Daniels,

Hi sir, greetings! I just wanted to say thank you for taking such a fundamentalist, hard-line stance against the chattering women and impoverished people in your state. It takes a tremendous amount of courage, resolve, and nonchalant misanthropy to take on such a disadvantaged and politically voiceless part of the Illinois population. I say this with all due respect, you are one tough, brave, giant asshole who doesn’t shy away from what should be criminal mistreatment of human beings.

What I find particularly stoic and utterly abhorrent about your public embrace on  legislation that casually disregards the health and safety of women and children is this: not only is incremental repeal of anything resembling a reproductive civil right the goal of this and other piecemeal legislative efforts, its also likely to enforce a biologically impossible reproductive education platform called ‘Abstinence Only’. How successful is religious based abstinence only education? Well, in the 17th century pregnancies out of wedlock were around 30%, so the Puritans themselves, a group called the Puritans, couldn’t even get a handle on their earthly desires.

Do you care? No!! Of course not, its the point right? So fearless, so courageous, so reckless with the lives and happiness of people struggling to survive.

Then, with no sound guidance about sex or pregnancy you’d like to compound the disaster by defunding, illegalizing, or just flat out making a nightmare of any possible assistance that a woman, often young, scared, and ostracized by her supposedly ‘Christian’ community, could make use of while attempting to deal with the confusing and lonely task of managing a pregnancy they are no longer able or permitted to abort. Am I right?

But thats not all, the crowning glory of this hypocritical disgrace of a legislative platform is to then point a finger at poor, resource-deprived, desperate women in reprimand for being irresponsible in an environment made hostile by the efforts of your insufferably ideological, cynical, anti-human policies. Godbless you for not catering to the special interests on this one Governor, even if they aren’t special interests at all but largely dispossessed groups of young women of low income backgrounds.

Oh I know, I realize that it is not just poor, young women who seek abortions; however, even if they push through more damaging rollbacks middle and upper classes will be far less affected. Particularly upper classes, whose private doctors and personal fortunes ensure they’ll have absolutely no trouble taking care of unwanted pregnancies in the future.

So thats it, try and take it easy. Pandering to the extreme right wing while simultaneously carrying out the bidding of corporate paymasters can be a stressful job. I’m sure you’ll make it though, I mean, its not your resources being plundered after all.


Devin Howard



  1. devin howard

    I just don’t understand how people who so loudly and so frequently profess a pro-life ideology can strip vulnerable groups of basic necessities that provide care designed primarily to actually help women and children a) survive, and b) lead healthy lives – all in the name of pro-life philosophy!!

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