A Musical Guide to Days of the Week Interpreted and/or Described as the Normative or Stereotypical Emotion Associated with Each Day: No. 4, Thursday

Thursday: Screw it, you might do something tonight. Work, school, or whatever just happened was a blur of hasty assurances, knee bouncing, and faux expressions of attention and effort. Lets go lets go lets go!  – at least to watch a game or something, right? please somebody give me excuse! If Monday is the introduction to the grey regimental boredom of the working week, Thursday is the introduction to the perennial exuberance carried along by the arrival of the weekend, which begins tomorrow. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!!! In reality the expressional or experiential range of possible activities is usually a bit more truncated than the burning, ardent impatience of Thursday will admit. Celebrity hook ups and hedonistic benders are unlikely at best, but goddamnit, excitement rules the day, and right along with excitement, the emergence of an insistent, upbeat brand of confidence.

Song: Calling the Maker, performed by Aimee Allen. Volume: cars and people are fading out again. Time and Circumstance: to or fro work/school/other.

A hard edge just below its surface, the participatory clapping, this is a song that communicates some mild hipster swag and the subtle, aggressive confidence Thursday, as opening act for the weekend, encourages. Lyrically, the song also dives explicitly and implicitly into some darker, more provocative terrain. Depending on your tastes and experimental threshold, it just may indulge some of those ‘what if’ scenarios born from the preconceptions of the next two days, and nights.

Song: Deadley Medley, performed by Black Milk ft. Royce Da 5’9″ and Elzhi. Volume: crunk, but less than max. Time and Circumstance: Immediately after work/school/other, its a jam session. Let the transformation from mild-mannered, average human being to stylishly-attired-successful-interesting-adventurer begin. Or command the mana of distant suns to gather in your being as broad swords and chain mail rattle at a renaissance fair, activities are individualistic, but the braggadocio and oh-so-slightly defiant confidence are universal. This is not to say that we are all fakes, only that we adopt certain postures for certain contexts.


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