A Musical Guide to Days of the Week Interpreted and/or Described as the Normative or Stereotypical Emotion Associated with Each Day: No. 3, Wednesday

Wednesday: Two more days until the vistas of freedom open up. Productivity is still high, yet, indifference creeps in, apathy of an optimistic and more atavistic sort. Work gets done, but mostly on auto-pilot. Excitement is building, moods are better. The focus is now on fun, not responsibility. Socializing, date nights, people and bars and movies and individual rituals of the days off – all things assembling at the forefront on this second day following Monday.

Song: Scar that Never Heals, performed by Jeremy Fischer. Volume: traffic and people are harder to hear, whether on head phones or in the car. Time and Circumstance: Anytime before 4. Foot movement, pencil drumming, steering wheel playing. Not in overabundance, but certainly some movement.

Song: Lero-Lero, performed by Luisa Maita. Volume: a pleasant musical backdrop, loud enough to discern words but not interfere with conversation or pre-dinner activities. Time and Circumstance: after work or class, in the abode, whether room, living room, or computer room/library/office/bill collection station.

Sultry, seductive, a song about potentialities, colored with the vibrant allure of urban night life. This song embodies and breathes confident, emboldened belief into that eternal and favored fantasy that anything can happen, that the fictional narratives we all embrace are actually possible and may occur sometime during the next few days.


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