A Musical Guide to Days of the Week Interpreted and/or Described as the Normative or Stereotypical Emotion Associated with Each Day: No. 2, Tuesday

Tuesday: Monday wasn’t that bad, you don’t really know what all the complaining was for. On this day, a groove begins to emerge, cracking through the lethargy of yesterday. Productivity comes easier, the skeptical, foggy question ‘why?’ starts to fade out, withdrawing to its carefully hidden lair in the interstices of the mind. The high energy half of the work week is only a day and half away. Tuesday is also a good day for running errands, car inspections, teeth cleanings, odds and ends and stuff.

Song: The Fire, performed by The Roots. Volume: car speakers or headhpones, just loud enough to be heard over the din of travel or people. Time and Circumstance: 12-2 pm, to, from, or during lunch.

Grit. Resolve. Courage. The rest of the week can and will be conquered, and thoughts of weekend freedom are sending out the first faint tendrils of anticipatory delight.

Song: Welcome Home, performed by Radical Face. Volume: ambient, enough to follow along with lips and toes. Time and Circumstance: later, dusk, a time of day with strange powers similar to those of early autumn wind.

Sad but bouyant, enough energy to get the feet and lips following quietly along. Echoes the kind of non-event which is a typical tuesday night, existing in the netherworld between the approaching benchmarks of Wednesday and Thursday where mindless media consumption and hazy plans roam the earth. It is an introspective song, one that looks both fore and aft across a sweep of time from where you’re from to where you’ve been and back. Its emotional arithmetic, the sum of different parts at different times, a personal narrative. Although typically we focus on the ‘next step’, the future, Tuesday makes time for a bit of reflection, now possible that the bleak resignation of Monday is starting to fade.


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