A Musical Guide to Days of the Week Interpreted and/or Described as the Normative or Stereotypical Emotion Associated with Each Day: No. 1, Monday

Monday: that existential quandary measuring 24 hours. Monday is known for many things, none of which are effervescent cheer, boisterous affirmations of life and living, or spontaneous joy. Monday is the day of resignation, that 1/7 of our lives in which the mundane speaks loudest, the day before four more entire days of responsibility. Despite the fact that this responsibility may be chosen, may, even, be in service to an ideal career, the fact that we are obligated tends to wear down even the fiercest of idealistic resolve.

Song: O Solista, performed by Nathaniel Ayers. Volume: headphones, low. Time and Circumstance: evening, > 9pm, checking email/twitter/FB/preferred daily news source.

Full of soul, nostalgia, and wistful melancholy equal parts resignation and deeply held appreciation for being. A song that speaks of unavoidable confrontation with daily realities, with the toil, travail, and ceaseless grind that makes up the largest part of our conscious lives. It is not, however, defeatist or pessimistic, but realistic, a musical exploration of the common struggle with an impersonal and arbitrary universe.


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