I’d really like to go there.



    • devin howard

      I know! I have one more thing to put on the bucket list now. The Pacific coast and the western half of South America is pretty amazing, or at least from all the gorgeous video I’ve seen it is. Must. go.

  1. cassiebehle

    The commencement of my bucket list starts with #1: find a rich, adventurous, generous friend. Because playing Quick 7s really hasn’t been working out in my favor. And because if not, I’m going to have to replace my bucket list with a slightly less exciting version that includes “attend a street dance” and “eat at the taco truck outside of that trailer park everyone’s been talking about” on it. Which will inevitabily result in A.) Getting shot or B.)completing the last item on the list: See a therapist about your sudden onset depression.

    • devin howard

      Hahaha, quick 7s huh? Is that of the scratch off variety or is at least legitimate enough to be a floor game in a casino? Some other things that could go on a suburbanized bucket list: catch a foul ball at a triple A baseball game, win a church raffle for a new charcoal grill, enter a float in the local fourth of july parade, or have your name embroidered on the high school booster club banner.

  2. cassiebehle

    LOLZ! Ok, first of all, it’s a church cake walk, not a raffle and be sure to add enter and win first place at this spring’s annual turtle race to the list. And, can’t forget to set a record for longest small town to small town roadtrip completed entirely on dirt/gravel roads.

    In answer to your question, scratch tickets. The most I’ve won is $28 – 7s all across at $4 a piece. Set in place the addiction, I suppose…

    • devin howard

      whatever travis, ‘ooooo, I’ve been everywhere, no big deal…..’. Jk
      man, I doubt I’ll be able to make Ghana this summer btw. Student loans
      + credit card bills + beijing in a few weeks + weddings etc. after
      that….I’m gonna be straight effin broke.

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