New Directions Starring Singing-Performing-Poly Talent Celebrity Date Attempt: Lea Michele

So I just asked Lea Michele out in the  ‘cast discussion’ forum on Glee’s website. You can see the post via the link below, in addition to what will become the unrequited overture.

Lea, hey, whats up. My name is Devin Howard. I divide my time amongst the things most of us do: work, reading, socializing, contemplation of what-if scenarios, and amateur conversational forays into the equally maddening, abstruse worlds of philosophy and politics. I am 26.33 years of age, I have a few degrees from accredited institutions of higher learning, I like to snowboard, fly fish, paint stenciled graphics onto used furniture, and play Halo: Reach. I also have a question:

Would you want to grab dinner sometime?

We could sit in on a lecture, (I’ve always wanted to hear Vandana Shiva, Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk, Roderick Frazier Nash, Jill Lepore, and a bunch of others), or just hang out somewhere with coffee and home made confections chitchatting. Or we could go to an arcade. Or to a major sporting event. I’m up for anything really.

So yeah, there it is. You might ask yourself why an individual, average in almost every way a person can be, would ask out a successful, sought after celebrity in such a juvenile, easily dismissable way. You know, I wish I had a good answer for that question, but I don’t, and must rely on a painful cliché: why not?

That’s pretty much it, hit me up sometime if you’d like to grab food and take in some form of cultural activity. Keep rockin’.


Devin Howard


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