Communications Officering Fantastical Dream World Dwelling Celebrity Date Attempt: Zoe Saldana

Zoe! What’s up. My name is Devin Howard and I was wondering if you would like to get dinner sometime. I can’t really think of a good reason for you to do so, I never really was a Trekkie, I’m a Star Wars geek through and through, although I do have to say: fantastic performance in Star Trek. I really felt like it brought new life to a staple, renowned science fiction/adventure franchise.

But why let the conspicuous lack of compelling motivation for a successful and talented actress to grab dinner with a random member of the hoi polloi get in the way? Zoo. Italian food. Late night espresso. Done. I am 100% convinced that this would be awesome. Did I mention that I am of average height and appearance?

So, as enchanting as this all sounds I know it probably won’t pan out. You’re probably busy, I have to fill in spreadsheets for 40 hours a week, the US is tilting towards A) open rebellion of a Tunisian/Libyan sort or B) a nightmarishly repressive fundamentalist police state, lots of stuff happening. So take your time, no rush on the response.

Stay awesome,



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