In 2003 the US was plunged into a needless war with Iraq by the Bush administration through willful deception and a variety of other illegal means documented in heavy and redundant fashion. Now, 8 years later, we’ve poured the better part of 1.5 trillion dollars and close to 4 thousand American lives into the deserts of a country that never posed a threat to our national security. Meanwhile, that same country we were supposedly endeavoring to lift into the ranks of ‘free democratic society’ is a smoking ruin currently being ripped apart by the nascent emergence of another dictator and sectarian violence equal to that of any Pakistani province. If you choose to believe estimates from sources outside of the US or beyond the official government accounts, which I do, over 200,000 Iraqi civilians are dead. Dead. Dead. Dead.

While Iraq was spiraling into a bloody, horrendous, nightmare-wrapped-in-a-disaster hellscape, the Bush administration, ever the thrifty legislators, managed to rack up 5 TRILLION dollars of negative federal revenue, taking the US from a modest 5 trillion dollar national debt to 10 trillion in under 8 years. An impressive feat by any measure.

But stop there they did not.

Vice President Cheney took the opportunity during this period to commit treason and out Valerie Plame, CIA agent and wife of Ambassador Joe Wilson, a man lionized by the elder Bush for his heroic stand against the threats of Saddam Hussein while second in command of the US Embassy in Baghdad during the first Gulf War. (When told that Saddam had ordered the execution of anybody protecting Americans Wilson said to journalists during a press conference, “If the choice is to allow American citizens to be taken hostage, or [for me] to be executed, I will bring my own fucking rope.”)

Bush and his pals also tortured a few innocent foreign nationals, violated the constitutional rights of American citizens, cast aside then trampled upon nearly every single human rights convention ever signed by the United States, destroyed US credibility with its allies, alienated the country from the global community, fought an intense and often secretive war against environmental regulation of any kind (see: ‘Cheney Exemption’ under clean water act provisions) and in general set the example for worst presidential administration in the history of the country.

I don’t understand American amnesia, how quickly we forget our history and the nature of our own legacy both domestically and abroad. It depresses me.

I do understand one thing though: Bush, Cheney, Yoo, Addington, and a number of other top officials from that administration have committed crimes against humanity of almost unfathomable dimension and should die in jail cells.


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