One hidden under my right eyebrow on the outside end from re-constructive surgery on my cheekbone, a ‘D’ branded into my left shoulder, 4 cigarette burns on my right forearm and 2 on the lower side of my left bicep from playing a very stupid version of ‘chicken’ in high school; 1 just under my inside left knee from the wooden armrest of a chair; 1 on my chin earned from flying glass during my first week living in NC; 1 infinity symbol branded on my back during a 4th of July celebration in 2002; 2 on the top of my lower right foot from jumping into the Cape Fear River, hitting bottom, and then having those scrapes get seriously infected as a result of, in my opinion, the incredibly polluted water; 1 on my left index finger from a camp saw while clearing a trail to a fort my friends and I built in sixth and seventh grade; 1 faint scar on the back of my left forearm near the elbow, from a brutal bicycle wreck when I was 7 or 8; 1 on my fourth toe, left foot, from dripping molten plastic sometime in fourth or fifth grade; 1 on my left palm, no idea where this one came from, but its continued and unchanged existence suggests it was pretty deep; group of small scars near my front left shoulder from getting hit with a really hot screw (interesting terminology), the scars are from the threads; 1 three inch long scar under my hair near my left temple from falling into a bush; 1 deep scar on the tip of right index finger, from it getting smashed with a hammer wielded by a friend when I was three or four; 2 center forehead near the brow line, one from falling face first into a driveway, the other from doing a somersault that ended directly into the edge of a coffee table when I was three, these two are directly on top of each other


One comment

  1. ChasingPavements

    That’s a whole lot of scars.

    I was commenting to let you know I responded to your comment on my post via email. Then I realized it may have gone into your spam folder. Oh, well. It was certainly nothing interesting at all.

    I’m going out of town for a while. I’ll be avoiding the internet because otherwise I may as well stay at home. Keep writing. Take care!

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