Post-Apocalyptic Considerations

Sometimes I think, it would actually be fun if human civilization collapsed. Assuming I live through whatever disaster brings about the return to nomadic tribalism of course. I can build a fire. I’m an excellent fisherman. With the almost infinite amount of guns and ammo stocked throughout the country it might be a little hectic for the first few decades, but that will settle out as warlords establish control over alluvial plains and fertile river valleys whose agricultural potential will provide the ability to store food and thus nurture a slowly expanding population and the gradual emergence and institutionalization of bureaucratic systems.

I would most likely head for the Appalachians, whose dense forests and rugged terrain could provide much needed safety for smaller, more independent bands of people. These mountains also offer the additional benefit of milder winters than the Poconos, Adirondacks, Catskills, and other parts of the Chain to the North, and obviously a friendlier climate than the polar desolation which descends upon the Rockies, Wind River Range, Sierras, et al in the American West. Plentiful water, fish, and wildlife would supply the necessary food, and small scale, subsistence farming could be carried out in small valleys and meadows from spring through autumn. Yep, could be fun.


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