Moroccan-Canadian Entourage Sensation Celebrity Date Attempt: Emmanuelle Chriqui

And the last outdated attempt. Again, this message was posted to a facebook page that may or may not have been official. Most likely not.

Whats up Emmanuelle, hope everything is awesome. I was wondering if you would want to go on a date sometime. I know I’m a complete stranger, and a  persona obscura as far as worldly matters go, but I figured I’d give it a shot. A little about myself: I’m a mix of Star Wars dork,  philosopher, activist, poet, warrior, rogue, astronaut, and lumberjack. I enjoy sunsets,  sunrises, trail running, shopping, reading, watching Glee, romcoms, tequila,  partying generally, landscape photography, and all kinds of other stuff, for example: I used to teach model rocketry classes. I was thinking we  could see a movie (have you seen Inception yet?) or maybe just throw some lunch in a bag  and take a picnic, we could also do paintball or go skydiving or  something. Anyway, no rush, just let me know what you think. Keep  rockin’.




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