Telepathic Cave Woman Princess Celebrity Date Attempt: Camilla Belle

Another one from the archives. Just trying to get all these in one spot. This was posted to a questionably legit facebook page for fans of Camilla Belle, star of and possibly only reason for watching 10000 BC. July 19 which means I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand about to head to Bangkok and catch the flight back home.

Hey Camilla whats up, any chance you would want to hang out some evening? I was thinking we could get some korean food and take a pottery or a stained glass seminar, something fun like that – go karts would also be good times, or laser tag. I realize that you have no clue who I am, but my profile pretty much says it all. 25, just graduated, like to travel, yada yada yada. I’m kind of political, so if we do hang out I apologize in advance for subjecting you to conversation about water resource privatization or the increasingly plutocratic nature of the US government. Anyway, I guess thats it, but we should definitely chill one night. I know you’re probably super busy but just let me know, the job market for MAs in history is, ummm, lets just say you have to do a lot of searching, so I’m free pretty much all the time. Keep keepin’ it real, good luck with all your projects.




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