Internet Archeology

I’m looking for some information in the recesses of my facebook wall posts, about 8 months back, and I keep finding interesting things, like the following examples. I am completely and irretrievably a nerd. These were all written at various times last summer.

“gravel, crickets, stars, enthusiastic dogs, berries and vegetables and homemade foods, a worn wooden kitchen floor, a room in disarray, the same old comfortable tensions, the same old dog hair covered couches, a 1st gen mac book gently beating its heart, a thousand different magazines in a thousand different places, plants from 30 years of shared living, a red headed neighbor and some ping pong – its good to be back”

“i have the fear. Symptoms include: sweating, shaking, nervousness, nameless guilt, a vague sense of dread, self-loathing, hunger for grease and carbs, a constant need for fluids. Causes of the fear: whiskey, cheap lager, vodka, rice wine, the combination of alcohol and energy drinks, Irishmen, Englishmen, rugby players from Australia, french girls, swimming, rope swings, house music, christmas light palm trees.”

“I hate blank pages, that white space staring up at me accusingly, laughingly, taunting, “you have nothing important to say here, you will not be read, or thought about, or cried to, or railed against, you have nothing to contribute.” Go to hell you lined, dismissive desert.”


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