24 hrs

An account of a day in Vietnam, July 1, 2010.

I don’t know what day it is, I’m just getting over what I think may have been dysentery, yesterday I went on a boat tour with a bunch of incredibly fun french canadians and an argentinian, sang an absolutely horrendous version of the Star Spangled banner for some Korean tourists (Im talking rosie o’donell bad). Backflips off the top of the boat, snorkeling, conversion to vegetarianism (this is true, I havent had meat in a couple days now so Im gonna see if I can actually do it). Tried to charge us at our third stop to access the beach – we jumped ship and swam ashore, lost my 4.99 walmart sunglasses, also demolished the reasonably durable faux raybans I had purchased earlier in the day. A pre-med student from the US gave me a small dose of medical MDMA so that I could stop feeling like I was about to die, went to a club, discussed free will vs. predetermination and if a machine could ever deliberately act illogically (something I believe that will always separate humans from computers), it was also pointed out to me that logic is respective of the individual, whether it be machine or human, we left that as a gray area. Went night swimming. Was in bed by about 6am. Woke up to use the bathroom after about 2 hours, head hurting so bad I could barely see, bad news because I didnt see an open bottom shelf locker door – front flip onto the floor. 24 hrs.


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