Ninth Grade Exposition on the Self

What follows is an exercise I completed in ninth grade sometime in the fall of 1999. Each question and answer are reproduced in full without editorial alteration. I discovered this relic while going through old papers and class folders in my room tonight. It is from Honors English I with Tucker Page, a class I will probably never forget.

Divergent thinking exercises: Personal analogies.

Directions: Answer all parts of each of the following questions COMPLETELY. Notice that the questions are not asking for you to identify your favorite items/objects in the given category. Your are to make a personal analogy by identifying with the item/object you share the most similarities with.

1.What animal are you most like? Why?

A monkey, is a smart animal and able to do many things.

2. When do you feel like an elephant? A bull? An ostrich? Explain.

Elephant – trying to find a seat in a theater, everyone notices you and you hit everyone.

Bull – anytime where you have to sit for a long time, I can’t sit still

Ostrich – when I say something I can’t explain and no one understands me, it makes me feel odd and out of place

3. What plant are you most like?

A pine tree. it remains unchanged year round, it can stand heat, cold, and a variety of weather.

4. When are you like a dandelion weeding a lawn? Explain.

When someone or a group of people are acting prejudiced against someone else for no reason at all. I feel like I am the only one different, a weed in a uniform lawn.

5. Are you more like glass or plastic? Explain.

Plastic, glass is very fragile and brittle, I am not. I don’t take things to seriously and can accept and handle many things. I don’t make a bad grade a crack.

6. What makes you feel like a fractured mirror? Explain.

When people will not even do a simple thing for you. Ex: “can i borrow a pencil,” “no” or when you are nice and do many things for a person and they still will not even do one thing for you.

7. Which vegetable are you most like? Why?

Potato, all other vegetables have distinct tastes, I do not lean really in any one direction. I have no particular taste.

8. If you were a pet, which pet would you be? Why?

Dog, loved by many many people and is given more priveleges than most pets

9. Are you more like a strawberry or a piece of sausage? Explain.

Piece of sausage, a strawberry has few sides or facets, sausage has many ingredients and many different sides to it.

10. Are you more like a computer or a telephone? Explain.

computer – telephones have one function, computers can be used for many things. I am not confined to doing only one thing or acting one way.

11. Are you more like a tuba or a flute? Explain.

A flute – tubas are overpowering and make their presence well know, I am content to sit back not say much and let other people lead or decide.

12. Are you more like a basketball or a baseball bat?

A basketball, a basketball can recover or bounce back on its own a baseball bat needs someones help to get back up I believe I can do this independently, that i can solve problems and decide things on my own.

13. Are you more like oxygen or carbon dioxide? Explain.

oxygen – carbon dioxide is anti, anti-life it can kill, there are very few things I am against that I am anti

14. Are you more like honey or salsa? Explain?

Salsa, honey only has one ingredient salsa has many and a wide variety of ingredients, some sweet, spice, and bitter I believe I have some of all these qualities

15. What home furnishing are you most like? Why?

A chair, I am there to support people when they are tired or discouraged and can do so in a comfortable way

16. What type of automobile are you most like? Why?

Land Rover, I am very versatile and don’t have a lot of needs a rover gets good gas mileage, I am somewhat of a minimalist a rover can also go everywhere, I love to travel and can do so without difficulty

17. What color are you most like? Why?

Orange, I get along with other people well, I am constantly smiling (barring being tired) and I don’t take things to seriously

18. What geometric shape are you most like? Why?

rectangle – several sides with some sides being longer, stronger than other sides

19. What article of clothing are you most like? Why?

A hat, a hat is something that people treat often with great respect and care for it more often than other pieces of clothing. I hope that is how people think of me as a friend or companion

20. What day of the week and what month of the year are you most like? Why?

Thursday – It is a day people look forward too but don’t like with overwhelming joy such as saturday and friday Most people like Thursday and I hope most people like me

September – It has warm parts and cold parts more than just one thing


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