I think someone is actually mimicking and ridiculing my juvenile celebrity date requests. If this is so…….I’m important enough to be made fun of!

Good luck dude, I’ve been writing this blabbering nonsense for 8 months now with no luck. Perhaps with more resources you’ll enjoy greater success.


One comment

  1. Just A Dude

    After reading your Zooey Deschanel post I’ve gotta admit our styles are similar, dude, but I’m definitely not making fun of you; I started doing this for three reasons:
    1) I was single;
    2) Natalie Portman slipped through my fingers (or maybe I missed her by an astronomical unit–whatever) ; and
    3) I thought some of my friends mght htink it was funny.

    As for having more resources than you . . . you’re on WordPress, I’m on Blogger, so I would say we’re both pretty destitute in that regard.

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